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Manners and Etiquette

Manners and etiquette are important skills to learn in our society so driven by technology. We often avoid face to face conversations and replace them with texting and social medias. Social skills need to be taught at a young age.

Here is what we focus on at the Academy:
-polite words-"Please, Thank you, Excuse me, I'm sorry"
-greeting people properly
-making eye contact while speaking with someone
-treat people and speak to people the way he/she wants to be spoken to
-good sportsmanship
-being a gracious host/hostess
-good table manners (not eating until everyone is served and seated, speaking softly, eating over his/her plate, saying the polite words from above, trying new foods, not hurting cook's feelings if he/she does not care for food, cleaning up after oneself, pushing in one's chair)
-listening while someone else is speaking
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