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Teachers will teach with lessons of interaction (organized art projects, stations and activities will promote hands on learning)

number recognition, counting, sequencing, grouping, more than/less than, small, bigger, and biggest

beginning concepts of scientific method (having a question, make a guess on the answer, thinking of a way to try to find out answer and coming up with the correct answer), simple experiments, the senses, the seasons, the weather, animals, plant life, recycling, body parts, teeth, similarities and differences

Self Care Tasks
dressing oneself, being able to button, snap, zipper, tie, eating independently, proper use of fork and spoon, drinking from a cup without a lid and not spilling, personal hygiene, and enforcing confidence

Language Arts and Communication
recognition of alphabet, letter sounds, using sounds to form words, using words to form ideas, vocabulary increase, story reading and story telling, proper use of speech and word pronunciation, drawing and scribbling, writing to express one’s ideas, proper way to hold pencil, tracing, following directions, opposites, learning relationships (ie: put pjs on = bedtime is approaching), deductive reasoning (ie: when you fall = will get boo boo), singing, asking questions, expressing oneself and their wants and need

Social Studies
knowing address and phone number, learning and celebrating famous people in history, current events, elections, can recognize places by logos and signs, transportation, Pledge of Allegiance, US flag, and US President

to encourage a child’s creative, self expression, and learn about famous artists. Much of the school’s curriculum will be learned through art. All projects will be tailored to the appropriate age group; all work will done by the child and be beautiful.

Dramatic play
will be done as a group and encouraged on an individual level. Examples of dramatic play are role playing, puppet shows, dress up and opportunities to do so involving toys (kitchen sets, dolls, trucks, tools)
children will learn to respect books, the proper way to carry books, how to choose a book that is of interest to them and to show responsibility and return the book on time.

will consist of fun games that require movement, dance (both modern party and ballroom dancing), yoga and being fit

Fine Motor Skills
showing a preference for right or left hand, puzzles, blocks, musical instruments, holding crayons and pencils properly, drawing lines and begin writing, places items in and out of container, stringing beads, playdoh creations, sand play, using a scissor properly and able to cut

Cause and Effect
an important concept will begin to be understood

Manners and Etiquette
taught weekly to instill proper behavior at the table while eating, how to introduce people, saying please, thank you and excuse me, eliminating bad habits, cover mouth when coughing and sneezing by using the elbow crook

Gross Motor Skills
running, jumping, kicking a ball, balancing, hopping, skipping, riding toys, catching and throwing

always stay with your “group”, stranger contact, automobile safety, street wise, traffic light, fire safety and drills

Performance Program
identify different types of music, play with instruments in the classroom, know what an orchestra is made of, identifying instruments, famous composers, learn dances, and perform simple plays

Halloween, Christopher Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, New Year, Chinese New Year, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Easter, Passover, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and four year old Graduation will all be celebrated.

(Please note Kasha Academy does not provide any religious instruction.)
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